Actually, we are same all

Bochum – Where space(area) is, are borders. However, they are overcome in the new exhibition with dreibundarchitekten.


Room to move is the title of this art show which is opened today at 18 o’clock in the spaces(rooms) from max7, gallery 3-union, on Maxstrasse. Now seven artists and female artists from Bochum and Turku which had met in a similar project already last year in Finland issue their(her) works in the Bochumer gallery. Of part specially for it the made art which is busy with space(area), the definition of space(area), landscape and living space, but also with the emotions connected with it.

The works


Tobias Bülow pursues with his(its) pictures the dream of geeinten mankind which pines away today in the separatism. Parts of a whole, the world got(advised) from the joints(fugues) and the misjudged unities are his(its) subjects, at the same time, however, also the titles of his(its) surrealistic pictures.

Minna Sjöholm collects recollection fragments, paints pictures whose contents each has already seen. Recollections from rooms, snapshots of travelling, from stations of own life. She(it) goes to the question after ” what and who I am in this world ” after.

Barbara Tewes finds in their(her) mixing colleges of technology on paper also the subject Landscape, approaches this, however, about the definition of landscape and their(her) function for the people(persons) and his(its) feeling life.

In a completely different way, however, Maja Herenz “space(area)” has taken up in their(her) works. With her these are the fast pictures, the lighting up rush jobs and hardly nevertheless known photos to be recognized of sex Shops and red light announcements in newspapers. There are shown admissions in only shortly lighting up slide chests which have appeared in Bochum and Turku.

A space installation is a component of the work of Dirk Wenke. In Finland he(it) had arranged things and goods from Germany, in Bochum these are a Finnish crispbread and television(viewer) which are connected on the network.

Paula Ollikainen gives their(her) attention to the details, adapts the picture formats to the small things of their(her) surroundings on which she(it) steers the look. The look which changes the subject from the official views, the known facades and shows private sphere.

Similarly also the picture collages and objects of Susanna Nevado. Pictures from Germany, from families of 1931 to this day, motives ” printed in germany ” are joined with her to new works. She(it) “reminds” of these families, lets histories(stories) appear which will show arbitrarily and in the tenor that we are same all.

The result
The core of this art project can be circumscribed therefore that seven artists and female artists show successful, like unitedly, unlimitedly and in their(her) respective spaces(rooms) almost identically the people(persons) are. As well clearly becomes the insanity which lies in said separatist efforts. Only rarely an art meeting so intensely and can be experienced lastingly. – Ralph Schäfer

Room to move, a German-Finnish exhibition project from 17th February to 17th March, 9 Mo. Frs till 18 o’clock and after agreement. Maxstrasse 7.

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