I am a Finnish and Spanish visual artist. I am currently working on themes such as everyday relationships, memories, identity, the position of women and ecology.

My works are strongly influenced by the current socio-political situation and I use collaborative methods to create works that defend equality, respect for human rights and ethical values of the communities.

I explore different solutions for the use of space through installations, work in public spaces, and workshops. I am interested in creative interaction and innovation, so I collaborate with artists and local people to achieve a plural artistic dialogue and investigate new fields of interaction between the arts, ephemeral works, multimedia and new technologies.

I use eco-sustainable materials in my works dealing with issues related to these questions and I touch on this topic in my work as a teacher.

I have been a lecturer in Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Turku, Finland, curated exhibitions, given lectures and seminars.

I have worked at HUG Culture https://hugculture.org/ creating cultural links between Finland and Spain. 

From 1.1.2024 I start working as director of the Ibero-American Institute of Finland in Madrid. https://madrid.fi/etusivu/