The language of feelings
social art of Finland, Mexico and Senegal.
Helinä Rautavaara museum, Näyttelykeskus WeeGee, Espoo, Finland.

Social art has a communicative and participatory format in contemporary art. Helinä Rautavaara museum presented works created during the community art projects led by Nevado in Mexico, Senegal and Finland. All works deal with issues related to emotions and are made with soft materials such as fabrics and embroidery.




Artists like Patricia Tovar, Monica Ituribarría, Susana Nevado, Marjukka Irni, Marietta Bernstorff and Jutta Kohlbeck have worked with difficulties and issues related to women’s lives. Many of them are bilingual and use the native language at home and the learned language for other daily tasks. These women have shared many moments of their daily life together developing handicrafts in which shared ideas and feelings.


The exhibition covers topics such as poverty, migration and violence, but also of hope, dreams and re-encounter opportunities.



The exhibition was curated by the artist Susana Nevado.

Mexican anthropologist Patricia Tovar art
Marietta Bernstorff, curator of art
Group of Native women Tanivet “Tanivet ants”:
Miramar group of embroiderers native women in Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca
Group of native women embroiderers of Vicente Guerrero, Oaxaca
Group of native women embroiderers Santhiaba, Dakar
Group immigrants and Finnish women with their children enTurku, Finland
Marjukka Irni, art photographer and pedagogue
Monica Iturribarría, Mexican artist of Oaxaca
Jutta Kohlbeck, artist, educator and housewife Regensburg, Germany


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