This project consists of several works, was conducted  in the restaurant Pinella in Turku, in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Turku.

The starting point of the project was the event “Food & Fun 2015”, where emerged the idea of ​​uniting art and food, to provide a unique aesthetic experience for the audience. To do this we work closely with the chef Nahuel E. Pazos.

Taking advantage of the Scandinavian winter darkness, we present a work-projection made jointly by all project participants: Susana Nevado, Emmi Länsman, Jose Jomperon, Julius Töyrylä and Sofie Wilkströmin, which could be seen from the outside of the restaurant. This work presents images taken in the restaurant kitchen among other images.

Paha Kakku Video Installation


Another work “Still Life”, which I was author, had as a starting point of ancient Rome and Renaissance painting, in particular, focused on the dead nature and still lifes. These paintings usually represented fruits, game and household objects.

To carry out the work, I set up a still life in the restaurant kitchen with guts nestlings, fruits, wine and other kitchen utensils. Then I drew the chalk still life with a chalk-pen on one of the external windows of the building. As background for the still life I used the ornamentation from the wallpaper, which they use at the first floor of the restaurant, “Pinella bar”.


Paha Kakku "Pinella Bar" Window


Paha Kakku "Pinella Bar" Window Outside View


Paha Kakku "Pinella Bar" Windowsview

Art intervention in collaboration with the restaurant Pinella in Turku.

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