In Public, In Particular (IPIP)

Project uses participatory art methods to create situation specific art. Situation specific art examines the conditions of place and time from e.g. social, physical or economic standpoints. Art reacts to the findings and possibilities of the situation. The project focuses on four European streets, their actors, environments and identities. The project activities organised by the Arts Academy of TUAS will be located on Linnankatu.


– National College of Art and Design (Ireland)

– Sveučil i št eu Zagreb u  Grafičk i fakultet (Croatia)

– Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen (Belgium)

Funding: Creative Europe

Funding period: 1.10.2015–31.12.2018

Objectives: Multiprofessional approach, learning collaborative art practises and the challenges of working in city spaces, learning to use situation specific and time bound art methods.

Methods: lectures, discussions, art actions, workshops, tutoring, negotiations, critique

Target groups on the street: small enterprises and offices

Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015


First workshop with all partnerships at Croacia

November 2015 Zagreb, Teslina Street  19.11.2015 

Team of artists and students from the university of designer of Zagreb: Susana Nevado, Kai Lossgott, Josipa Galic, Alexander Stankou and Matea Milin

The starting point was to use speech balloons. We decided to offer to people sandwiches from (Good food restaurant at Teslina Street) us starting point of our performance. At the same time we could ask the pedestrians about the Street, what is their link to it, what they would change or would like to add in it.

We got a lot of people to write and chat with us. Teslina is old and central Street for citycents. There came many strong opinions about what to do or how they would like to be there, what they like and what is nice in it.


Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015

There were workers, youngs, turists, childrens and even a mendicant boy who  told us about his bad experiences in the Street when a bar keeper hit himfor asking money to his customers. Josipa said the boy come from a croatian normal poor family and is very sad thing. We got a different perspective from Street, another layer to investigate and point of view.

We decided to go to the next level of the Street: The neighbourhood, and we got to some of the flats in the Street.

Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015

Opera singer and her dog from the same neighbornhood

Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015

There we check what we got and our experiences, share material and planned next step on the performance.

We decided to glue the speech balloons on the fasade of the Street forming a line you can reach to read while you walk.

Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015


Pedestrians got involved with the Project and had an active position in their enviroment.

Students got new tools to develope interactive performative work in the future.

Many responds had to do with enviromental issues: less cars in the street, more pedestrian areas.

Zagreb workshop IPIP 2015


Participatory art methods to create situation specific art

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