RAPID (Regeneration Arts Partnership of Intercultural Dialogue) 2008 – 2009

Artists from Finland, England and Portugal worked in collaboration and joined different artistic branches with the community of Avis (Portugal), Turku (Finland), Great Yarmouth (England) and young emerging artists from those countries.

The produced works were presented in a mobile performance with more than 20 presentations of projections, music, sculptures and dance around the city of Avis.

The final Rapid festival was presented on Friday night and Saturday with innumerable innovative events such as screenings, music, dance, installation and theater. All jobs were new and were created during the period of residence.

Convent – This work was presented as a final festival of the residence period on Saturday night.

This work transformed the convent building located in the main square of the city. The buildings functioned as a double screen that joined in the corner, on the building the video was projected and the musicians (directed by Tim Steiner improvised the music suggested by the images).

Musicians and puppets (made of recycled material by the inhabitants of Avis) improvised a piece of music under the installation of recycled clothes and also painted by the citizens in front of the church. Photo: RAPID Avis, Portugal, people playing under the clothes installation recycled

The municipality of Avis already has a history driving its citizens through creativity, but this was the first time that a group of international artists transformed the city into a period of three weeks. Many of the local musicians participated in the workshops, as well as others participated in dance, painting, film workshops, etc. The majority of the population celebrated our stay and participated openly in all the events organized by Rapid on the streets of the city.

Mobile performance – Around 20 new innovative works done in collaboration between Rapid artists were exposed for a couple of hours in the city.

Sauna – A mobile sauna was built next to Avis Lake, the inhabitants could participate in a unique and special experience for three different nights.

Installation with recycled clothes and painted by citizens of Avis at the main entrance of the church. From July 27 to August 13, 2008 – Residencia Creativa – Avis, Portugal

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