Event of music and visual arts at Brinkhall mansion, Turku, Finland

Music students and students of Fine Arts at the University of Applied Sciences of Turku worked together and transformed the mansion with interactive life music and site-specific installations.

The art event Brink it on! Was supported by EU social funding in collaboration with Brinkhall Foundation

Room 1
Music: Antonin Dvorak, “Five Bagatelles
Musicians: Rusu, violin; Uusitalo, violin; Loimu, cello; Pitkänen, acorddion
Visual Artists: Suksi, Suopajärvi

Room 2
Music: Mastovaara, “My mind almost failed us
Musicians: Falck, viola; Eriksson, cello

Room 3
Music: J.S. Bach: Serial No. 4 for Cello in E flat major, parts: Prelude and Sarabande
Musician: Mastovaara, cello
Visual Artists: Kämäräinen, Kärki

Room 4
Music: Glazunov, “Idyll
Musicians: Rae, French horn; Saajos, violin; Manner, violin; Falck, viola; Eriksson, cello
Visual Artists: Lee-Merrion, Ross-Smith

Room 5
Music: Wuenshin, “Canadian Songs 
Musicians: Helasaari, sopran; Du Haowei, flute; Pitkänen, accordion
Artist: Nevado

Room 6
Music: Du Haowei, flute solo
Artist: Palmqvist

Room 7
Music: Domenico Scarlatti, Sonata in F major
Musician: Luoma, accordion
Artist: Nevado

Room 8
Music: Niccolo Paganini, “Caprice nr. 9
Musician: Filatov, violin
Artist: Pöyliö

Room 9
Music: Juhani Nuorvala, String Quartet No. 2
Musicians: Esayan, violin; Li Qi, violin; Falck, viola; Mastovaara, cello
Music: Sergei Rachmaninov, Piano Trio in G minor No. 1
Musicians: Ericsö and Shestanov, violin; Eriksson, cello; Pulkkinen, piano
Artists: Vihlman, Sandberg, Nuorala


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